Psychic Genie Marie and Mike Hazel Tarot Reader

Voted 'Psychic of the Millenneum' by Justin Toper in the Daily Mail

Spirit Readings with Genie Marie

Genie Marie, a natural psychic medium since childhood, will give you honest and incredibly accurate guidance and inspiration on any of your concerns.

Spirit Readings

Genie Marie has guided a number of celebrities and has clients returning time and time again, year after year, reassured by the advice given after seeing it all fall into place. Her ability will speak for itself as she does not need guidance just a name of the person to read for.

Her readings come from a place of warmth and for the highest good for the individual she is reading for. She is a truly gifted psychic and looks forward to this opportunity to connect with you on your path.

Tarot readings with Mike Hazel

Mike is a natural psychic, who uses the tarot cards to tap into your psyche and answer your personal questions.

Tarot Readings